My Guide to Daily Living

My Guide to Daily Living

On August 1, 2018, I launched a new Theme to My Ministry titled “My Guide to Daily Living”. It is a product of my Morning Meditation on the Daily Readings from “The Liturgy of the Hour; The Divine Office”. The Divine Office is the Prayer of the Church mostly used by the Catholic Clergy. It is compiled in a prayer book called “The Breviary”.

The Breviary contains both the Divine Office and the Liturgy of the Hours, which are prayers for different times and seasons of the Church. It has Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night Prayers divided across the weeks according to the Church (Liturgical) Calendar.

The prayers are a collection of Psalms and Canticles arranged in a Divinely inspired manner that suites all events and every circumstance of our daily living. The prayers also contain readings for various hours as well as intercessions for various purposes. It is the best prayer model I have ever experienced; Biblical, Liturgical, inspirational, ontological and above all. You need to experience this.

It is good to sanctify your day with the Prayer of the Church. It gives you direction on what to do and with that, you submit your goals, ambitions and purposes to the Almighty God who will perfect them according to His Divine Will.

Remember, that the Lord bid us to pray in season and out of season. There is no prayer as potent as listening to the Word of God, for the Word is Life itself (cf. John 1:1-4); it is like a two-edged sword (cf. Hebrews 14:12); it is all things for all men. By listening to the Word of God, you pray according to the Will of our Father in Heaven; the Creator and Ruler of all the Earth (Psalm 24).

In this experience, I found out that the Lord speaks to me through His Word. What else can I do than listen. I want you to share this experience with me.

I therefore call on you to join me in this journey, in this experience. Get the Breviary, if you can and pray with it every morning. You can also follow me in my reflections on My Ministry

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