The Plight of Salary Earners in Nigeria

The Plight of Salary Earners in Nigeria

Times are funny, the country is volatile, politics is laughable, the economy is nothing to write home about. In all these situations, the worst affected people are salary earners; most especially when, even the salaries of workers in the employment of the Government both at Federal, State and Local levels are anything but regular. Those in business, though they find it difficult, still have a way of factoring in the prevailing economic conditions into their businesses to cover their gains and losses.

For salary earners, however, the case is different. While their earnings remain constant, cost of goods and services remain unstable and unfavourable. For instance, it might be costing you N1,000.00 previously to feed your family daily in the past one (1) or two (2) years, but presently, it would take you up to N3,000.00 to do so. Things are terrible and our government? Simply a talk for another day.

The question is; in this kind of situation, how do we cope? How do we face these economic challenges? How do we meet our responsibilities even in the paucity of fund? How do we navigate through this hard times? The answer lies in creating what Robert Allen (2000) calls “Multiple Streams of Income”. Do you have an insight into that?

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