The Forex Market Explained

The Forex Market Explained

FOREX is the short form of Foreign Exchange. The Foreign Exchange (Forex Market) is a huge market. It is a market where currencies of different countries are traded against one another. Have you heard before that the world is a global village? This is the market that makes it real because in the comfort of your room, you can participate in this market.

Initially, Forex began with trading of currencies of major developed countries like the USA, Britain, Europe, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. But recently, virtually currencies of all countries are traded including stocks and index of stocks of leading world Stock Exchanges like New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Japan, Germany France etc. The market also trades on oil, gold, silver, crypto currencies and other commodities.

Those who are involved in this market (the big players) are Central Banks of different countries, Banks, Hegde Funds and Fund Managers, Multinational Companies etc. The volume of trade in this market is capitalized at, at least, 3 Trillion US Dollars on daily basis and high volume of fund is required for this business.

However, trading Forex has become possible for you and I because of the activities of Forex Brokers who make it possible for us to participate through their various Forex Trading Platforms. That is the most interesting part of it. Through these platforms you can participate and share a huge part of this market if you know how.

Our aim here is to help you know, learn, practice and participate in this market. It is free for all!

Most importantly It is a very risky business due to its high volatility. But with strong knowledge and wise investment and account management strategy, you can navigate the risks and make huge profits.

This is why we are here!

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Remember do not invest real money until you have gained considerable knowledge of the market. The broker offers you Demo account with which to practice.

Follow our lessons, practice and learn before investing real money.

Alternatively, contact me personally.