Recharge and Get Paid

Recharge and Get Paid

This is a brief explanation of what Recharge and Get Paid is all about. For detailed information, follow the relevant links, join our RAGP group or contact us.

Recharge and Get Paid is a VTU (Virtual Top-Up) business offered by a company called Recharge and Get Paid Ltd. It is a Limited Liability Company registered in Nigeria and has distributorship license for all major Telecom Companies as well as other services that deal with airtime like pay TV and Electricity in Nigeria.

The company has also grown over the years into some other countries like South Africa, Cameroon, Liberia and Sierra Leone where they have heavy presence. However, their business structure is such that allows anyone to register, invest and do the business from any part of the world. That is what we shall explain briefly here.

It is a VTU business dealership that gives you the opportunity to use, sell or distribute airtime for different networks and make commissions anytime you do that, whether you are using it yourself, selling to people or distributing as the case may be. It is simply what it is. Whenever you recharge, you are paid!

In Nigeria, you can recharge airtime or data for MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile. You can also pay your TV subscriptions for DSTv, GoTv and Startimes. You can as well pay your electricity bills through the same platform. It does not matter what you do, what matters most is that whichever one you do, you earn a commission. That is the Good News!

To enjoy this benefit, however, you have to register with the company as a distributor. To register or know more about registration, click here!

The second aspect of this business is very simple and even more beneficial. The business is also structured as a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) investment plan, also called Network Marketing. Here, you are required to introduce people into the business and get them to register under you. Whenever anyone registers under you, you earn commissions on the person’s registration fee. Most importantly, you will keep earning commissions on every transaction the person makes in his or her account. Tremendous! This is the best part of this business: earning steady, passive and unending income, even while you sleep!

And so much more!

To know more about the incentives, click here

For registration, click here

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You can get an introduction to Recharge And Get Paid for different countries through the following links. There is a link to download the presentation slides in pdf format.



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