Initiative Q

Initiative Q

Initiative Q is an attempt to create a new payment network and digital currency. It was created by Israeli entrepreneur Saar Wilf, who previously founded Fraud Sciences, a payment security company acquired by PayPal. Initiative Q is backed by Cato Institute economist Lawrence H. White.

Unlike Bitcoin the scheme would not take measures to evade state regulation.

Initiative Q’s goal is to replace payment cards and paper money that use old infrastructure with a new payment system leveraging current-day technologies.It is “creating a new currency (the Q) and distributing it to anyone who helps speed up adoption.”The Q is not a cryptocurrency and is not decentralized,but will instead be overseen by an independent monetary committee, much like a central bank.

Simply put, the Q is the future of currency! Register now and reserve some coins for yourself using the following link:

You can download the android app from this link:

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