Oracle of Wealth: My Vision

Oracle of Wealth: My Vision

My aim is to establish a platform which would be “all things for all men” in terms of Wealth Creation. To me this is more than a platform, it is My Ministry. I know for so many people, it would be different things: to some, religion; to others, business; while to some others it would be a guide or an investment/business hub. But in all, it is meant to be what it is, a guide to creating your own wealth yourself. So whether you see it as religious, cultural, spiritual, intellectual, mental, academic, professional or otherwise; the aim is the same.

For the sake of emphasis, we do not worship wealth, neither do we worship anything we do not know, we worship the Most High God, Elohay Mauzi, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Author and Finisher of our faith and life giver; the source of all good things, visible and invisible. He, the Most High, gives the Power to make wealth.

Hence, our mission here is expressed in three different perspectives called the Oracle Trine!

  1. The Ministry
  2. Our Business
  3. Our Focus

They simply reflect what we intend to achieve here.

First, we acknowledge the fact that God is the source of all Wealth. Admittedly, people have what they differently adore as their gods, but for us here, the Most High, Elohay Mauzi is our God. He gave us the Divine Mandate to increase, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. He promised us His blessings in abundance as long as we worship Him in spirit and in truth, and live according to His Divine Will. Our mission here is to learn how to fulfil this mandate while living according to His Will, for that is the source of our Power to Create Wealth. That is why we focus mainly on Power and Wealth. Due to the fact that this section contains a lot of exercises, devotion, reflections and worship, we have a full page dedicated to it. However, major and general views as well as teachings or their summaries would be published here as well. Click here to enter the full page!

Second, we will look at so many avenues for wealth creation. While we touch on the principles of wealth and wealth creation; both spiritual, mental and temporal, we also look into practical steps and avenues for creating this wealth. We are going to learn many techniques, review different business and investment interests, as well as taking up others ourselves. They are all for our purpose as we may be pleased.

Third, the aim of all these is to make our world a better place to live in. That is our major focus; and we call it Nation Building. We must realize that whatever we are, whatever we have and whatever we get in life is for a purpose. To live a happy and fulfilled life, we must realize this purpose otherwise, in the midst of all power, wealth and affluence, we live an empty life. This section might be both entertaining, professional and academic. Hence, we might have to dedicate a full page for it in the future.

Once more, you’re welcomed! Feel free to go where appeals you the most so long as you achieve your aim. Enjoy!

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