Welcome to Oracle of Wealth

Welcome to Oracle of Wealth

I most sincerely welcome you to this platform: The Oracle of Wealth!

This is where we make success happen – success in any way you may wish to explain it.

Remember the Eternal Law: “Seek and you shall find” This is where it happens.

One might ask what is oracle? Why Oracle of Wealth? What makes it and Oracle? What does if offer? …and so much more. I have equally received so many calls and much queries concerning “Oracle of wealth” and what it has to offer. To answer these and other questions, we might have to begin with some explanation for the purpose of clarity.

An oracle can be a person, place or message depending on what you make of it. But to make it short, it is a divine communication or revelation. It could also be person or thing serving as an agency of divine communication. Dictonary.com calls it “an utterance, often ambiguous or obscure given by a priest or priestess at a shrine as the response of a god to an inquiry. It could be the agency or medium giving such responses. It could be shrine or place at which such responses were given or a person who delivers authoritative, wise or highly regarded and influential pronouncements.

No matter how you see it or the explanation you may give to it, it is what it is: All things to all men!

  • A divine communication or revelation.
  • Any person or thing serving as an agency of divine communication.

Once more, I welcome you to my den: Oracle of Wealth.

Yours truly, Ifeanyichukwu Rapheal Ibekwe, anchors of this page. So if you call the site or the messages Oracle, you are as right as calling Yours Truly “The Oracle”, because I am a Minister of God for Wealth Creation. To me it is the centre of my ministry: The Ministry of Wealth Creation.

Now let me make it clearer in simple terms; All my life I have been seeking for my purpose and trying/working to fulfil destiny. I came to a point where I realized that I am called to fulfil a mission. This mission is to lead people to fulfil their power or rather the power of their existence in this world. It is in discovering this power that we fulfil our purpose on earth. Now this power is the source 0f life and all that there is. It is this power that make us who we are; and gives us the fullness of life. Our life is simply meaningless if we do not discover our purpose in life; and if we do not, there is no way we can fulfil our destiny.

Coming down to our page; this is where destinies are fulfilled through insightful messages and teachings from the Most High. My main aim here, is to lead people to ask the right questions, get the right answers, acquire the desired knowledge they need to fulfil their destinies, which is the fullness of life: Wealth.

Consult the oracle anytime and you will get the right answers.


It is very important that you must note that I give here is based on the principle of “Fides Quaerens Intellectum” (Faith Seeking Understanding). As many as there are different faces on earth, so are their lives, understanding and disposition to knowledge. Some people are too good to be corrected, too knowledgeable to teach and too wise to be advised. This page is not for such people. Further still if you do not have faith, please do not go further, most importantly if you are not spiritually balanced or matured, please do not go further. Besides that, it is what it is.  All things for all men.

To know more about how this page is structured and for a better understanding, read: The Oracle of Wealth: My Vision                                                                                                                                                          

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