Wisdom for Winning!

Wisdom for Winning!


“Saturate Yourself with TOLLGATE Thinking!” – Bill Gates

“Plan, Work, and Pray” – Ifeanyi R. Ibekwe

  1. To achieve your height, PLAN, while planning, PLAN as if you will live forever, but WORK as if you are going to die tomorrow, and make sure you PRAY as nothing depends on your ability. Surely your SUCCESS depends on God’s Blessings.
  2. “PLAN as if your insight is the totality of reality; WORK as if everything depends on your strength and PRAY as if everything depends on God, and surely it does”, for He PERFECTS your PLAN and BLESSES your WORK.
  3. “The God who created you without you cannot save you without you. So work out your salvation in fear and trembling” Wisdom says so!

WHAT TO DO ALL THE TIME: (Plan, Work & Pray)

PLAN           Keep Planning

WORK         Keep Working, Keep Equipping Yourself with Knowledge & Freedom

PRAY           Keep gathering the Supernatural Forces through Grace & Mercy;

Keep Linking your being to the Universal Infinite Supply,

The Infinite Intelligence!


Within My Research, “I have noted that the best start-up mechanism is to pile up cash reserves (savings), build securities (investments) and then going into establishing the proposed business with “BRAIN EQUITY” (service) without touching any of the money (Capital)”.

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  1. COURAGE is not the absence of fear but the ability to get on honourably in the face of it.
  2. LOVE is the wisdom of the fool and folly of the wise
  3. They say: “Go for the heart while others go for the mind; in the end, the mind goes where the heart lies…”
  4. “…But for me, the best thing is to work on the mind and hearts of others altogether”.
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