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My Guide to Daily Living!

Today, being August 1, 2018, I am launching a new Theme to My Ministry titled “My Guide to Daily Living”. It is a product of my Morning Meditation on the Daily Readings from “The Liturgy of the Hour; The Divine Office”. The Divine Office is the Prayer of the Church mostly used by the Catholic Clergy. It is compiled in a prayer book called “The Breviary”.

The Breviary contains both the Divine Office and the Liturgy of the Hours, which are prayers for different times and seasons of the Church. It has Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night Prayers divided across the weeks according to the Church (Liturgical) Calendar.

The prayers are a collection of Psalms and Canticles arranged in a Divinely inspired manner that suites all events and every circumstance of our daily living. The prayers also contain readings for various hours as well as intercessions for various purposes. It is the best prayer model I have ever experienced; Biblical, Liturgical, inspirational. You need to experience this.

It is good to sanctify your day with the Prayer of the Church. It gives you direction on what to do and with that, you submit your goals, ambitions and purposes to the Almighty God who will perfect them according to His Divine Will.
Remember, that the Lord bid us to pray in season and out of season. There is no prayer as potent as listening to the Word of God, for the Word is Life itself (cf. John 1:1-4); it is like a two-edged sword (cf. Hebrews 14:12); it is all things for all men. By listening to the Word of God, you pray according to the Will of our Father in Heaven.

In this experience, I found out that the Lord speaks to me through His Word. What else can I do than listen. I want you to share this experience with.

I therefore call on you to join me in this journey, in this experience. Get the Breviary, if you can and pray with it. You can also follow me in my reflections on myblog.ifeanyibekwe.com.ng  You can subscribe in that page and get my emails daily.

It would be an interesting journey as we walk our way to a Wealthy Living!!!


Gratitude to the King of Creation!

What else can I say, other than Thank You Father! In the Name of our Lord Jesus, I praise you Name, so glorious and full of splendor!

I join the Psalmist (Psalm 8) in praising your Name this day, as I remember Your goodness and mercy, which has been seeing me through all these years and has brought me into yet another fruitful year. May your Name be praised!

O LORD, our Lord, how majestic

is your name through all the earth!

Your majesty is set above the heavens.

3From the mouths of children and of babes

you fashioned praise to foil your enemy,

to silence the foe and the rebel.

4When I see the heavens, the work of your fingers,

the moon and the stars which you arranged,

5what is man that you should keep him in mind,

the son of man that you care for him?

6Yet you have made him little lower than the angels;

with glory and honor you crowned him,

7gave him power over the works of your hands:

you put all things under his feet,

8All of them, sheep and oxen,

yes, even the cattle of the fields,

9birds of the air, and fish of the sea

that make their way through the waters.

10O LORD, our Lord, how majestic

is your name through all the earth!

Who am I Lord that you spare a thought for me! I must praise You for the rest of my Life. He is ELOHAY MAUZI! – THE GOD OF MY STRENGHT!!!

Brethren, as we celebrate this Month, join me sing “This GOD is too GOOD!” by Nathaniel Bassey:

I know a God, who’s merciful and kind
Faithful and gracious
I’m the apple of his eyes
The thought that fills his heart
Every Morning, noon and night
He loved me when I didn’t care
And was patient till I came
Running back into his arms
Look how he turned my life around
Made me a shining star
His glory to reveal

I will worship Him forever
Love Him forever because
This God is too good oh

I will worship Him forever
Love Him forever because
This God is too good oh

Don’t look too far to see
How good he is, just look at me
He took me from the miry clay
Set my foot upon the rock
I’m standing in his righteousness
He took away my sin and shame
Gave me a brand new name
His beloved and the redeemed
Look how he turned my life around
Made me a shining light
His glory to reveal

I will worship Him forever
Love Him forever because
This God is too good oh (x4)

Jesus you’re too good oh
Jesus you’re too much oh
His grace is too much oh
His love is so deep oh

I don’t deserve you
(I don’t deserve you)
But I am grateful
I don’t deserve it
(No no)
But you love me anyway
So I worship you forever
Love you forever
This God is too good oh

Look what you’ve done for me
See how you set me free
How you washed me in your precious blood Jesus

I will worship Him forever
Love Him forever because
This God is too good oh (x2)

You are too good oooh
He’s so good Jesus
You’re too good oh
Glorious Jesus


We are back!

It’s been a while since my last post in this page. A lot happened within this period. My blogs and website were variously attacked by hackers, sniffers and pilferers alike, and were almost crippled. However, I thank God I have been able to restore it from the hands of all who always strive to reap where they did not sow. Their efforts will always be in vain.

May God have mercy on their soul.

I take this time to appreciate all my friends, fans, subscribers and everyone who follow my posts in one way or the other especially those who have contacted me personally asking why I had taken the long holiday. You are blessed and will ever remain blessed.

In a special way, I send my appreciation to my contributors, editors and those that assist and encourage me in one way or the other, most of who wish to remain anonymous. May God keep you blessed always.

It is even good we had the experience because it makes us stronger, better and more focused. We are back for good and this time; BETTER!

This time, we base our journey on the admonitions of St. Paul (Romans 12: 1 – 2) It says: “I urge you, then, brothers, remembering the mercies of God, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, dedicated and acceptable to God; that is the kind of worship for you, as sensible people. Do not model your behaviour on the contemporary world, but let the renewing of your minds transform you, so that you may discern for yourselves what is the will of God — what is good and acceptable and mature”.

Make it a point to follow us as we intend to inspire a new way of life that would change everything around us. May we all remain Blessed!

Follow us on our new link:    My Ministry
                                                          My Focus

Remain Blessed!!!


. . . And We Go Again; Right to the Top!

It has been difficult so far to start this year on set targets. Reasons are obvious but notably, the frustrations or say, mixed feelings, that accompany not meeting one’s target is a serious factor that tends to pull one down. With one month already gone, the year is well spent. It’s no longer the time to say “Happy New Year”. By now, one is supposed to have taken steps towards meeting the year’s target and achieving set goals.

For me, it has been so difficult starting out this year. Apart from the routine activities that follow paid jobs, I have not got my hands on something of a target. Resolution are hard to make, plans difficult to put in place, issues too ambiguous analyze and steps to difficult to take. However, there is the need to go again. But this time, there must be a paradigm shift.

I think the best way to begin the year is to look back at the things that are the causes of the frustrations and tackle them. For me I have identified it and am going to tackle it my own way. From my own perspective, it is “Bad Governance”.  The government have failed, leaders have failed, policies have failed, institutions have failed, theories too. What then remains? This is what we are going to look into this time and do the necessary things to ensure we end this year more fulfilled this time. Whatever it might be, we are going to tackle it head-on!

It is on this note that I welcome myself and my friends and followers to this New Year! Here we go again! Join me in My Ministry and My Focus as we build synergy towards achieving our purpose here on earth.

See you at the TOP!

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Just Gone at the Prime of Life: A Tribute My Friend & Brother, Emma Oranusi

From “Happy Birthday” to “Rest in Peace”; is that the way to go?

From December 16th, the message all over Facebook was “Happy Birthday” and wishes of long life, only to change the story barely a month after. It’s now “Rest in Peace”. Emma, it is so painful you gone this way. If life were to be traded for anything, yours would have been saved in many ways but since it pleased the Almighty to allow you eternal rest at this young age, we cannot but accept it and pray for your peaceful repose.

Looking back, there are so many memories, but these memories, instead of consoling and encouraging us, reminds me of all our unrealized dreams, unfulfilled missions and plans unexecuted. Our closeness was affected by certain circumstances, which you were well aware of, but even from the little distance, we never stopped sharing our dreams and aspirations and planning for a better tomorrow, which we will never see together again, not in this lifetime. Our proposed partnership in so many upcoming ventures is, by your demise, simply dead on arrival.

What a pity; what a huge loss!

Like Elton John once sang, “you lived your life like a candle in the wind never knowing who to cling to when the rain set in…. Your candle burned out long before your legend ever will”. What more can we say, other than rest in peace. I know you would only want all of us you left behind to live together in peace, but frankly, a lot has changed while you were sick and so much since your demise. With all I know about you, only time would tell.

You were so full of life, affectionate, beaming in love, full of dreams, adept in ideas, only that time and circumstances never permitted them to be fulfilled before death struck. You just left this world at the prime of your life. I feared of your death, when I saw how critical your illness became but I had so much confidence in the Mercies of God and His Grace to heal you and save your life; and the inevitable happened; Death. Perhaps God’s Mercies have taken you to the place where His Grace is bountiful enough to give you the peace you lacked in this world and sustain our hopes of meeting you again in life to come; for He works in ways we do never understand. To his name be Eternal Glory.

I did tell you in our last discussion, when I visited you in hospital, that whatever we hope on in this world have failed us: government, institutions, churches, theories, medicine, science etc., but only one thing remains and can never fail; our ardent Faith in God and this faith gives us hope in life. In my life so far, I have lost many people so dear to me, which you know too, but none has touched me the way your death did. For your death, I have so many reservations and I strongly believe you should not have died; but then who should? I feel so sad with a mixture of anger, frustration, pain, relief and hope. I feel relieved that your pains and sorrows have been taken away; whatever peace that eluded you in this world has been replaced with perfect peace. I have hope in the resurrection of the body and life to come, which you professed here on earth and which awaits you in the great beyond.

It pains me that our son, Kingsley, would grow up not knowing who his amiable godfather was but am glad that at least, we gave you the joy of fathering a son; a handsome, gifted and glorious one as that. I will make sure he carries your legacy; the ones you got right he would perfect, the ones you did not get right he would correct. Trust me on that. My lovely wife misses you. My children, who you cared for like they were your very own children will miss you so much. They keep asking me when Oga Emma would visit again. What else can I tell them other than, “not in this world again”.

You simply touched every single life you came in contact with; so vibrant, loving and peaceful, very thoughtful and forbearing. Since we on earth couldn’t value your true nature, the Angels in heaven would enjoy and value you in fullness, with that glamourous beaming smiles that envelops my mind each time I remember you. Like JAY-Z sang, you’ll live forever young, because the last memory we have about you is of a young, vibrant and loving Emma full of life and energy; Forever Young!

Emma, so painful to say, but rest in peace dear one. It pains me you have gone this way, but whatever/whoever might be the cause of your death, while awaiting God’s judgement, has succeeded in putting you in a better place, where there is eternal peace, everlasting joy and unending happiness. For what can one gain in this world to make one loose a treasure like you, Nwachukwu. Emma. Go well!

We will forever miss you! Rest in Peace!! Emma, gaa nke oma!!!

Mr/s Ifeanyi R. Ibekwe  & Family


My Dear Wife & My Angel!

31st December is always a special day for us, because it is the end of the last month of the year and the end of the year! It is a day everyone anticipates not just for itself but because of one major reason; it ushers in a new year! For this it is a memorable day.

For others, however, it is more memorable because of different special reasons. For my dear wife, it is her birthday. Some years back, while others were celebrating in anticipation of the new year, her family was gifted with another Beautiful Angel. What a memorable day!

For me, it is more special because, it is remarkably the day a Special Angel was sent from heaven; denied of all heavenly comforts just to come down to earth to take care of a mortal being like me! Am so gladdened! 

When this Angel came, it was like a dream and this dream continued in a beautiful relationship and was consumated in love. Since then, the heavenly graces have never departed my family. 

So when I celebrate this day, I celebrate you, My Dear Wife and Angel from above.

The Day is HER’s! 

And my message to her is this:

“We celebrate you, My Angel! Nwa Chukwu kere mbochi uka. With you there’s peace, in you there’s love, around you there’s progress. I bless the day I found you. As we celebrate you today, we pray God to always renew and increase the blessings that you are”.



Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is always a period of sober reflection for me.

It should be a time of joy, for that’s what Christ represents, “Joy to the World”. But in our world today, while we pray for the joy that comes from the Lord, we ask God to deliver us from the pains and loss associated to this period; which made what should have been a period of utmost joy and boundless love turn to moments of pain and loss. We recorded many loss this year, just like in other years past, through various degrees and types of accidents.

Image result for christmas crib

To some extent, we should blame ourselves, who have, in some ways removed Christ from the celebration. He is the reason for this season and if we must enjoy it as was ordained for us, we must place Him at the center of all our celebrations now and always.

Like I said, It is a time of sober reflections for me for many reasons:
1) Because It is the celebration of Christ, I ask myself; do I have Christ in my life?
2) Because it comes at a time of harvest, I ask myself; what have I achieved over the period?
3) Because it comes at the end of the year, I ask myself; how did I spend my year: in what, on what and for what?
4) Because it ushers a new year, I ask myself; what plans do I have for a new year: what have I resolved to do or not to do?
5) Because it is a time of Thanksgiving, I ask myself; have I shown gratitude to God and to men for what my life has become?

Above all, how am I ending the year and how do I resolve to lead the next year?

Related image

As we celebrate, may we all join in this moment and reflect upon the course of our lives and how best to live according to God’s purpose.

While we continue our wonderful celebration in joy, may we always remember that Christ is the Reason for this Season. May we always walk in The Light of His Truth!

I wish you a Joyous Christmas Celebration and Prosperous New Year ahead!


Welcome to the Gateway to Success!

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning” (Franklin)


Welcome to The Oracle of Power & Wealth!

“Shrine where an oracular god is consulted” in matters concerning Wealth & Power.

So take a step to your Wealth & Power!


Welcome to the Ministry of Wealth Creation!

According to George David,  “Wealth is when small efforts produce big results. Poverty is when big efforts produce small results”.