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My Focus

My major focus is on “The Nation and Sustainable Development”

I am particularly concerned with “Good Governance” in Nigeria.

I have a major focus on Anambra State of Nigeria because that is my State of Origin and as the saying goes, “charity begins at home”.  Anambra State has been the “state of firsts” in many aspects of development in Nigeria. It is truly “The Light of The Nation”. Hence, if I am able to contribute meaningfully to the development of my State, I have achieved much.

As a Social Analyst, I devote this blog to reporting, analyzing and critiquing the dynamism of leadership across the World, with special emphasis on Nigeria, The Igbo Nation, The South-Eastern Nigeria and Anambra State.

This is a way of raising the consciousness of my fellow citizens, especially the youths, on the tenets of good governance and why we must embrace it.

Imperatively, we must take ownership of our Nation!

Hence, all the articles, contributions, opinions, news; both its reporting, analysis and so on would be aimed at achieving this purpose.

Join me and you’ll be blessed!